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Not Goodbye But See You Soon

We have lived in Northern Virginia for 15 years. Our kids have never known any other place to call home and over that time they've made a lifetime of friends, so it seemed only appropriate to let them celebrate those friendships while also giving them the chance to say farewell with one final blowout party for each of them. But three boys, means 3 parties, means more weekends than we currently have left here. So Jedediah and I decided to bite the bullet and do all 3 parties in one insane weekend. Crazy? Probably. Fun? Most Definitely!

The stats are as follows:

- 3 consecutive meals of pizza

- 2 all nighters

-all the dishes dirty and in the sink

-a carpet of chip crumbs and popcorn kernels littering the floor

- 13 kids playing paintball

- 6 kids engaged in a nerf war

- 2 vehicles to transport everyone

- a mountain sized pile of dirty blankets to clean

- endless amounts of wrestling

- far too many "your mom" jokes

- gallons of caffeine consumed

- and so very, very much screaming!

But don't feel too bad for us, after this weekend is over the adults get to do their farewells and I can only hope the bullet points are different, but I know just as much fun will be had. Farewells can be hard and sad, so we figured we'd forgo all the tears and leave on a high note, enjoying the company of those we love, laughing all night, having a blast, not saying goodbyes but see you laters.

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