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Skateboarding isn’t a sport, it’s a lifestyle

Skateboarding was one of the things Asher knew he wanted to do once we moved to Fort Collins. With a bike lane on every road, flat terrain in every direction, and an endless list of places to travel to including many of the well used skate parks sprinkled all over town, skateboarding makes sense here in a way it never did in Virginia.

Equipped with his birthday money Asher picked himself a sweet board and began practicing all day. At night he'd move to the lit but freezing cold garage to work on his Ollie technique with the aid of youtube videos demonstrating the maneuver. Each day he'd venture further until building the stamina to skate the mile to downtown to grab himself a slice of pizza and do some light shopping at his favorite shops before returning home. It hasn't even been a week and already it seems like Asher was meant for skateboarding.

Next in Asher's boarding evolution came the skate park. Jedediah and I eager to get all the kids back in a sleeping schedule appropriate for the return of school and Asher looking to practice dropping in for the first time with a limited audience, we chose the crack of dawn to visit the nearby skate park. And just like that, in less than a week, we have a skater ready to cruise through all of Fort Collins, tear up the skate parks, and live the west coast dream.

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