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Cabrillo Tide pools: A love hate story

We may all be related, but that doesn't mean we all like the same things. While some of us (Nicole, Barbara, Holden, and Ava) love trudging through the tides, peeking between rocks, and finding the squishy, colorful, scary looking sea creatures, others are not so interested. Lucky for Asher, Sebastian, and Cole they have Amy, who has had many years of practice being dragged along by my mom and me to do things she would rather not.

What originally seemed like just an ordinary trip to the ocean turned to sheer terror, when Grandma Barbara pulled half a lobster out of the water, while I pointed out the sea anemones all around. Suddenly Asher realized the water he was wading ankle deep in was full of living and dead creatures. Panic swept over him and as he turned to make a break for it a piece of seaweed tangled on his leg, sending Asher into a frantic, screaming, hot mess. And like a chain reaction, the children began to lose their minds one by one. Some recovered their courage, while the rest are permanently scarred, and just like that new memories are made at Cabrillo National Park.

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