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Fourth of July

I could think of no better way to spend the 4th in San Diego than on the beach. We had no idea what to expect so we decided to commit fully. We packed up as many drinks and sandwiches as we could carry along with a wagon load of towels, games, and provisions. We set up camp on Imperial Beach with the intent of staying for the entire day leading up to the Fourth of July firework display. By 1 pm our turf was claimed and we were settled in for a long day that would last us 9 hours at the beach.

What we did in in 9 hours at the beach: Asher built 3 very impressive sand castles, Sebastian and Cole boogie boarded to their hearts content, Ava collected buckets of shells and crabs, Holden took a seaside nap, 4 kids were buried, several games of UNO were played, all of our beach towels got soaked, only 1 kid got sunburned, and everyone had a fantastic time.

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