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The World Famous San Diego Zoo

Yesterday we relaxed at the beach, and today we walked for miles enjoying all of the animals at the World Famous San Diego Zoo. The zoo was a treat for the few animal lovers in our family and a special early birthday present for Holden. Those who were less enthusiastic about seeing the anteaters, gorillas, and elephants (Sebastian and Cole) got more of a thrill from the sky cab and a 4-D movie.

Holden takes after my own heart and is an enthusiastic zoo-goer, so for his birthday, I treated him to a behind the scenes zoo experience. And honestly, I do not know who was more excited between the two of us. I wish I had taken more or better pictures of the experience but we were both too overwhelmed by the experience to do much more than be in awe. We got the chance to pet a hedgehog, feed a rhino and flamingos, pet and feed a kangaroo, and get up close to a porcupine, clouded leopard, and cheetah. Holden was most excited about the flamingos. His 2nd-grade teacher loves flamingos. So Holden couldn't wait to tell her all about it.

There was lots of walking, plenty of things to climb, and lots to see. Including an angry cougar who locked eyes with Holden and had there not been a fence would have defiantly eaten him. It was pretty cool to see a cougar hiss and show his teeth, even when it is directed at your child. The gorilla, tired of everyone's faces looking in on him, rubbed his butt across the glass. And even the sun bear and grizzly made an appearance outside of their caves.

The day went by too quickly, and at nine we had no choice but to leave, still wishing for more time to see the animals. I love the San Diego Zoo, and I hope that after today so will my kids.

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