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Kayaking in Moss Landing

None of us have ever been kayaking, but it has always been something I've wanted to try. I have always had the suspicion that it could be my new hobby, and I was correct. The kids had their doubts about hopping on the 2 and 3-person kayaks but once we got moving down Elkhorn Slough and were immediately greeted by baby harbor seals they were hooked.

It is amazing how many creatures you can find in the ocean, with the help of a knowledgeable guide. Jess, an environmental studies major with blonde dreads and a love for the ocean, taught us all about the delicate eco-system of Monterey Bay as she carefully guided us past an enormous group of nesting cormorants and pelicans.

The cormorants projectile poop when an enemy approaches, so careful maneuvering was essential, a skill we did not yet possess, but with luck, no one got a shot of poop to the face. She showed us the bioluminescent plankton, a starfish the size of your face, crabs, anemones, and jellyfish. But the thing everyone was most excited to see was the 2nd largest pod of Pacific sea otters.

It was a foggy morning, like most mornings in Moss Landing, and the otters were out to play. We kayaked alongside them as the pod of males frolicked and wrestled with one another. Occasionally a harbor seal would poke his head out of the water with their enormous black eyes and check us out as we pointed and awed over it.

The tour was a short two hours, and poor Jesse had to plead with us to head back to the docks, but we kept spotting amazing things along the way that held us up. So now we all have the kayaking bug, and I know what I am asking for Christmas. I have plans to try it again with this crew on Lake Tahoe so check back for more adventures to come.

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