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Soaring High

This week has been all about heights. For some of us they are no big deal, for others it takes a lot to drag your butt up that high with just a harness and a rope preventing you from falling to your death, you may already surmised what group I belong to. But for the same reason the sixth grade class used climbing as a team building exercise on their field trip to The Edge this week, the same is also true for our family who bonded this week at a treetop ropes course.

When Sebastian fell on the rope ladder, whether it was on purpose or on accident because you never can tell with that kid, he could count on Asher to lend him a hand and help pull him up, no matter how comical and futile the gesture was. Even if was never possible for Asher to actually pull up a dangling Sebastian, he did what he could, then screamed for help through tears of laughter when he realized reinforcements were needed.

Holden who threatened to quit every 5 seconds made it through not once, but four times, each time building confidence in himself and rage against his parents who got him into this whole mess.

And for Asher it just strengthened his resolve that he is invincible, taking him one step closer to becoming his mom's worst nightmare, the type of adrenaline junky who throws himself off of cliffs for the hell of it.

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