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Staycations Deserve Blogposts Too

It is the first Sunday of Spring Break and while we are not jet setting anywhere fabulous I am still very excited about this week. The fact that we live in a destination city is always present in my mind but with school schedules, sports, middle school plays, and oh yeah those full-time jobs Jedediah and I report to each day keep us from living my dream of being full-time tourists. But then spring break comes along with its one week of glorious weather. Virginia really only has two goods weeks of weather, this being one of them, and it would be a shame to miss it because it is as exceptional as it is fleeting.

On the docket are many fun activities, probably too many to fit into a single week, especially since that full-time job of mine is still a thing I do, but still we will try to have as much DC fun as possible this break. To kick start us off right we did an oldie but a goodie, Roosevelt Island, the clandestine oasis just a stone throws from the banks of dc. It has everything you could ask for from a DC attraction: swamp, forest, the Potomac River, views of the city, and presidential monuments.

We decided to take our youngest dog, Scout, who motivated by the sunshine has made it very clear she does not want to be left indoors. When left home for only an hour yesterday, she made her frustration known by chewing to ribbons something of everyones. Headphones of the kids, sunglasses of mine, and a shoe of Jed's. There is no way chewing sunglasses is in any way fun, this was most definitely meant to send a clear and threatening message.

On our adventure Asher and Sebastian found plenty of things to climb, Holden spotted a full grown and baby snapping turtle, and the only thing that could have made Scout happier would be to let her chase the ducks.

After walking around the entire island we hopped over to Georgetown to enjoy the boy's favorite pizza establishment, 90-second pizza. The pizza tastes fine, but I think more than anything the reason they love it is that they are truly amazed that the pizza really only takes 90 seconds to be made. I, however, am more impressed by the 30 seconds it takes them to finish an entire pie. We left after they consumed 3 whole pizzas with room left for dessert.

We finished our adventures, me feeling satisfied that I had accomplished the two most difficult things I do as a mother, exhausting my kid's energy levels, and extinguishing their hunger levels. After being home for only an hour I am disappointed to report that neither was fully accomplished, but I am feeling hopeful for tomorrow.

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