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Our 5-Star Resort

Life can be so busy raising three kids. Rarely do we get the opportunity to spend a whole week with no commitments, no obligations, no real plans except for what we decide at the moment. While our Spring Break has been nothing special, it has been such a fun week. It brings me back to the old days when no one was in school, pants were usually optional, and there was always time to play. Like today, when for no good reason we hung upside down on the couch trying to outlast one another, laughing so hard that we fell onto the floor on top of one another. And yeah, this is not destination travel. Here the roommates are noisy, the food is so-so, and no one makes your bed, but this is where my favorite people in the world happen to be so I am happy to be lying on the floor beside them among the dust bunnies and cookie crumbs.

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