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Adventure Shoes

All my kids have the makings for true adventurers. They love the outdoors, appreciate nature, and are usually always up for exploring, until fear creeps in and gets in the way. Each of them struggles with their own unique anxieties that keeps them from achieving what they want in school and in play. As their parent I am constantly searching for ways to help them past these struggles so they can get back to doing what they love. On this road trip Asher uncovered for himself his own secret weapon for getting past some of his fears, and he calls them his adventure shoes.

They are just a pair of water shoes identical to the four other pairs I bought everyone in preparation for our summer travels, but when Asher puts them on he feels invincible. Cliff jumping, swimming beyond the waves in the ocean, diving into a murky lake are all things Asher loves to do when he is wearing his adventure shoes. What I had always thought was just a hesitation towards water was really a fear of touching the floor below and now all of that is remedied with a tight fitting pair of orange rubber soled sneakers.

What I love so much about road tripping is that each day is a new place, a new environment, a new unknown and while it can be scary it is also filled with excitement and wonder, most of the time too great to pass up despite your fears and apprehensions. When a place as magical as Krause Springs lies before you the urge is too great to not participate. I see it over and over again on our travels, things that once seemed impossible become moments of strength, joy and excitement and that too is magical.

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