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Arizona or Bust

We made it to our first destination and everyone in the RV cheered as we crossed the Texas border with the Arizona flag welcoming us to my hometown state. After traveling cross country a real house with a pool and time to relax was a very nice welcome. Meghan and I enjoyed what felt like our first real conversation since our journey began. RVing is a lot of work, particularly with 6 children and by the time we got around to having any free time we mostly just wanted to shut our eyes and rest before we had to pack it all up and do it again the next day.

I am so glad that we had such fantastic companions along the way on our travels. Very early on in Iceland I knew Meghan would be my friend for many future adventures. We just seem to jive. We are up for almost anything, never sweat the small stuff, and seem to always land in the same sort of trouble which usually finds us laughing through it all until our sides hurt. It is great to have a girlfriend just as adventurous as you that you can plan future trips to the ends of the earth with. And now I am so glad that my kids have had the chance to experience that with their own travel companions.

Before this trip we were all related, some sort of distant cousins once removed, traveling to a Harrison funeral in Arizona, but now we are family! We've shared meals, sleeping quarters, laughter, hardships, and love with one another over the past 10 days and we came out the other end better for it.

Coming to Arizona is a nice break from our travels but it also means our time with the Harrisons is coming to an end. We wish them well on their travels as we continue on ours and can't wait to have the chance to do it again real soon!!

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