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Sebastian's Favorite Day

With any vacation we go on we always try to find a number of activities that will appeal to everyone, but sometimes we do things specifically geared for one person and on this trip that was ziplining for our adrenaline junky Sebastian. Since we've been sneaking this kid onto roller coasters he wasn't quite tall enough for he has gotten a thrill from fast rides and tall drops and so when I showed him the 9 line zip-lining course that stretched 2 miles and over 14 waterfalls at over 150 feet high he was elated.

We booked the tour almost immediately after getting to the island, but had to schedule it one of our last days there, so patiently, and not so patiently, Sebastian waited for the thing he had been looking forward to all vacation. Every time I would ask him about how the trip was going and what his favorite part was so far, he'd always give me a shrug and say, "Ask me after we zipline". With all that expectation we were all hoping it would be as great as it was imagined.

Asher, gaining a lot more courage for heights and thrills after discovering this summer he loves to cliff jump, decided to join the ziplining party. While Holden opted instead for teaching Uncle Chris and Aunt Theresa his favorite card games while keeping his feet safely on the ground. Together the four of us set out for our 2-hour ziplining adventure soaring high above the island, through amazing scenery giant waterfalls and the ocean ever in view. Everyone, except me, got even more thrills by hanging upside down or like Spiderman as you raced at 30 miles an hour through the valley.

The whole thing was a blast, even when lightweight Asher got caught in the headwinds and found himself stuck just short of one of the platforms needed to be pulled in by one of the guides. After our tour ended and we were all packing up to go Sebastian came up and gave me a hug. "Mom, now ask me what my favorite thing has been so far!" It is not always easy making sure everyone is happy and doing the things they enjoy because sometimes everyone's not! As Sebastian gets older it is becoming increasingly harder to impress him. I guess it's just not cool anymore. But seeing how much fun Sebastian had on this one day above all others really makes it worthwhile.

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