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Beginning our Journey in San Diego

I have always wanted to take my family on an epic RVing adventure. We are road trip people. Nothing makes us happier than singing/screaming our favorite songs with the windows rolled down as we cruise down the highway. We love getting lost, exploring new things, and taking part in all the amazing people and things we encounter as we travel from place to place. So taking the entire summer off for an RV adventure has always been a dream vacation of ours. And so begins our month long summer road trip through California, Nevada, and Utah. And luckily for us, we have some pretty amazing family members who will be joining us throughout our epic adventure.

Our journey begins in San Diego with my mom, sister, nephew, and niece. We are here for a week to sink our toes in the sand, boogie board to our heart's content and explore as many tide pools as we can find. Everything about San Diego puts a smile on my face, the salty smell, the ocean breeze, the breathtaking sights, and the friendly people. This place holds many fond memories for me. Because it was so close to my hometown of Roll, Arizona it was where I spent many family vacations. It is so special to have my mom and sister here while we share some of our favorite spots with our kids.

Our Airbnb is very close to the small and charming Imperial Beach. After arriving at our home for the week and settling in, we had to go check out the local beach. Life does not get much better than sunset on the ocean. There is so much to see in this seaside city, but I am sure we will make it back to the beach before our week here is over.

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