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El Matador and Pismo Beach

I have found the beach of my dreams located on the coast in Malibu. I knew I wanted to stop here because not everyone loves the ocean, so beaches with interesting places to climb and explore are a perfect compromise for my vastly different children. Sebastian is happy in the waves, Holden along the waters edges and Asher safe and dry climbing on the rocks. After exploring this incredible beach, Jedediah and I immediately began feeding our fantasy and looking up real-estate along this coast, and for a cool $11 million we could live in a modest home with direct access to El Matador beach.

These last few days have been busy ones. My family went back home to Roll, AZ, and the boys and I anxiously awaited the arrival of Dad. He got in late Friday, and by early Saturday morning we had shown him our beach for the past week and rented him a bike. We then biked along the San Diego Bay for an incredible 7.5-mile roundtrip. These kids are currently very obsessed with their bicycles and can not get enough of riding them through this very bike-friendly town.

We ended the evening with a trip to the drive-in to see the new Spiderman. It was both a first for the kids and Jedediah. Everyone should experience a drive-in at least once in their life.

On Sunday, we said goodbye to our Airbnb and hit the road, cruising down the Pacific coast highway with a detour to Hollywood so that Sebastian could get a photo of the Hollywood sign.

We are now nice and comfy in our new home on wheels located right on the beautiful Pismo Beach. There are lots of dunes and craggy trees to explore. It is shaping out to be another great adventure for The Trippin' Olsens.

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